Hecatombe – Hecatombe

From old recipes, probably borrowed from a Swedish ancestor, comes Hecatombe to offer their approach of old school death metal with an aftertaste of thrash from the Bayou.

After having spent more than 10 years in the doom, sludge or punk scene (Cult of Occult, Carne, Ta Gueule) the members of Hecatombe decided to explore unknown lands with a real Metal project.

The wall of sound, created by Hecatombe’s sole guitarist, pays homage to his roots with the typical HM-2 buzzsaw. While the drummer navigates between pounding crust punk and frenetic blast beats, the vocals reveal the visceral character of the project, without any limits in aggressiveness.

Hecatombe is no fan of frills and cultivates urgency rather than lingering in demonstrative solos or boring intros.

Leaving a big bulldozer trench behind them, Hecatombe channels bands like Power Trip, Black Breath or Gatecreeper.

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