Bismuth – The Eternal Marshes


Originally released in 2012 on cassette, The Eternal Marshes will be re-released after 7 years. Remastered by James Plotkin and new artwork by Stephen Wilson.

Bismuth is slow, has lots of amps and is loud. Over the last 7 years, Bismuth has developed into being one of UK’s best drone doom duos around. The renewed edition of The Eternal Marshes will be reissued both on cassette and vinyl by Tartarus Records.

Pressing info:
300 single sided 12″ on black vinyl with etch on B-side
100 cassettes housed in a diecut cardstock case

Released April 11, 2019

“The eternal marshes beckon.Through sparsely vivid mists, a faltering contrivance lumbers. The grating of metal on metal, the harsh thuds of failing machinery, these are the last flashes of hatred, thriving, pushing the decaying body onward. The fuzzing of fuses burnt, the wailing and shrieks of banshees, caught in this pentavalent poverty of construction, these are the dying sounds of what once was forged. A liberation through scant corrosion.Welcome to the bereft lands of Pandarve. Doom. ” -Johan van Hattum

Single sided vinyl with etch by Stephen Wilson. Heavy 400gr jackets with inner cardboard jacket and insert. Pressing of 300 copies on black vinyl

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