Yes, we are shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other businesses we are operating, but please keep in mind that shipping takes longer than usual.
Yes and no. We offer free shipping within the Netherlands for single merch item orders. So: shirts, sweaters, hats, patches, tote bags and whatnot. This does not include orders that contain more than 1 merch item.
Do you live near the city of Groningen? Then choose the free local pickup option and schedule an appointment to pick up your order at our HQ.
If your order includes a pre-order item, the entire order will be shipped when the pre-ordered item is ready. If your order does not include a pre-order item and you still need help, please get in touch by emailing orders@tartarusrecords.com Please include your order number when emailing. *Please note that it’s possible your order confirmation or tracking information from our postal carriers ends up in your spam folder. So please check before contacting us!*
This is something we hear a lot, and please believe us when we say: It’s just that expensive. The cost of shipping is just that, the cost of shipping. We do not make a profit on shipping fees. Sorry! If you live in the USA or Canada you can also order from our friends in New York from Crown and Throne Ltd. They offer most of our catalog. A wider USA distribution is in the works.
If you would like to return a clothing item please make sure it's unworn/unwashed condition You can request help with returns by emailing orders@tartarusrecords.com Please include your order number.
If your order has not shipped yet please contact us at the below email to request a refund. If you would like a refund on an order that has shipped please contact us to arrange a return. You will be asked to return the items to us before we can issue a refund. orders@tartarusrecords.com
Crown and Throne Ltd. (more to come)

Tartarus Records label

Tartarus Records is a DIY dark experimental label from Groningen, the Netherlands. We release what we like and don’t release what we don’t like. Check our Artists page to see the artists we have worked with.
The Netherlands: Sonic Rendesvous, Europe: Coming soon, UK: Coming soon, North America: AISA
Sure. bring it on, friend: info@tartarusrecords.com