Filmmaker – Wetwork

No dry signal, just raining tunes provided by a Deluge.

Colombian producer Faunes Efe stands behind a slew of prolific albums and EP’s released under the Filmmaker project, quickly building a cult following amongst those with an affinity for dystopian electronics steeped in an alluring, seductive darkness. From earlier self- released works such as ‘Visceral’, a 10-track full length work modestly described in Efe’s own words
as the “First occult-orientated soundtrack from an experimental lost film”, to the 808-shots of ‘Nocturnal’ and later with the grainy, low-fielectroof ‘Wetwork’. Each successive release proves Efe’s capacity to execute productions of magnitude across the electronic spectrum, yielding body moving music from a small arsenal of honed hardware.

Filmmaker’s material derives from an unadulterated exploration of the sonic realms, utilising multiple formats and artistic mediums; documented through a series of original cover artworks and short films created by Efe. In the space of a year since its inception, Efe began touring as a live artist under the Filmmaker project, from his home-base in Medellin, to clubs and spaces
throughout the Americas and Europe. 2019 became a defining period for Efe’s musical trajectory, with the release of the acclaimed ‘The Love Market’ LP on Berlin-based Detriti Records and later landing on esteemed UK label OpalTapes with his 6-track ‘Unregulated’ EP, followed by the 7-track dark wave masterclass ‘Noir Times’ EP on Valencia-based HCRecords. In 2020 Tartarus Records has the honor of releasing Filmmakers’ full back catalog on cassette and vinyl.

Edition of 200 cassettes housed in a diecut cardstock case. Digital download included
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