Many Blessings – Ripe Earth

Ripe Earth is the debut of oneman unhinged deathwave assault Many Blessings, the experimental outlet created by Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man & Vermin Womb)

“From the Mile High City of Denver, CO comes something birthed from the lowest depths of one man’s own psyche. That man is Ethan McCarthy, best known as the guitarist / vocalist of Primitive Man and Vermin Womb but unlike those bands, this is something else altogether different. A thoroughly frightening descent into the innermost recesses of stark, damaging aural depravity.” -Riff Relevant

Edition of 200 cassettes housed in a die cut cardstock case.

This release is also available together with Many Blessings other release on Tartarus Records, Trauma Artistry, in a friendly priced bundle here

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