Vermin Womb

Encouraging and exploiting fear as a management method. An apparently effective approach that is rarely questioned because there is a taboo on admitting fear. The phenomenon of "systems justification" occurs here. The unreasonable outbursts that need to be condoned by the victims, because facing the truth is too painful and loopholes seem closed.

When individual managers, whether or not afflicted with a personality disorder, are offered insufficient opposition, the practice is even more grim, as this management method is widely institutionalized. Within large enterprise structures, procedures and instruments have been introduced that use deep-seated, but under normal circumstances latent, human fears. Whether or not that is done consciously or unconsciously is not important.

Fear leads to the tightening of hierarchical relationships. Fear is averted by a flight to the false security of liability and frequent and detailed control. This is the vicious circle. Fear feeds the pursuit of more sophisticated, terrifying procedures and systems. Welcome to your job.

Vermin Womb is a 3 piece grindcore from Denver, Colorado. Features current and Ex members of Primitive Man, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Death of Self, Scourge Schematic and Salo.