Jespfur – Mind Map

Jespfurs Mind Map is a creation of multi-side incentives. That what props up all in your head and has to release itself. For 22 year old Jesper Vervoort it was this project “Mind Map”. Which is  a metaphor for a drawn mind map, but mentally. The audio travel defines abstract self expression towards fictional storytelling. Dealing with anxiety, depression, paranoia,  love and ultra happiness.

Written & produced over the last 2 years and during and after projects such as “The Weak Tape” & “Deceive-EP”. This mixtape is mainly designed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Influences coming from all random genres. Its hard to put this one in a box, and thats exactly what Jespfur is trying to do: develop his own road. Touching on hiphop, trap, cloudrap, shoegaze, indie and more in the process.

The mixtape carries 11 songs, all diverse, continuously letting you tap more into the narrative.

“This is not a mixtape where you know whats going on with one song, I want everyone to listen it from 1 to 11 so they actually know whats going on”.

Mind Map is Jespfurs 3rd self written / produced and unofficialy released mixtape. The projects are just like homework for himself, seeing what his own sound is, experimenting with all genres and defining what he is really trying to produce.

“I haven’t even started yet” As he speaks.

And that’s exactly why he has 2 more aliases he creates music under. His band project “Weak Moves” and his producer alias “Man Arcade”

Mind Map “A mixtape by Jespfur“ published by FVR. Cassette by Tartarus Records

“Credits to Paula, Fallwood, Yung Umbro, onzekere guy, @fvrganisation , Tartarus, and the world. Last but not least shoutout to my BMX bike”

Edition of 100 cassettes. Digital download included.

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