Filmmaker – Multiverse Nightmare LP

“Filmmaker (Faunes Efe, Body Musick) returns for his fourth wrecking session for Opal, the implement is this time named ‘Multiverse Nightmare’.

Diamond cut right-angled electronics (Algoriddims, Into Multiverse) are magnetised together with lower BPM electro cuts (Logic Bomb, Years Weight) with the album collectively recalling the previous two years of mind erasure and hopelessness we have all experienced. Never trite or pandering, Filmmaker retains his distance from the obvious with cuts pulled from a seemingly bottomless folder of amazing music, buried deep in Medellin, Columbia.

In Faunes words “Made almost entirely with FM synthesis only, this album narrates a spacetime traveling through some of my most uptempo tracks, sharped timbres and futuristic atmospheres.”

Peer into the pit again.

Originally released by Opal tapes on cassette in 2021.

Pressing info
200x Blue transparent vinyl

Release date: November 25th

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Weight 500 g