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Sulphur Nurse – Roopkund

Sulphur Nurse is an international experimental noise/industrial trio consisting of Eeli Helin (Lung Knots, Fawn Limbs), Dan Dolby (Catafalque, Mastiff), and Matt Finney (Clawing, It Only Gets Worse), whose debut full-length Roopkund will be released via Tartarus Records on February 25th While all of its members have their own separate projects covering a wide array of different musical leanings, the driving force behind amassing Sulphur Nurse was to create an entity of its own, where each musician introduces their own influences and preferences into the overall mix in order to produce a unique outlet showcasing the most abrasive and dismal aural aesthetics possible, without fearing to step outside their comfort zones when necessary. Roopkund is the first example of the results this experimentation wrought, and is made up of eight disturbingly infectious and cacophonic tracks, each of which have their own imprint in terms of instrumentation and both musical and written narratives. They differ from one another to a great degree, yet are consistent and share an underlying thread that ties the entirety together. Constituting of both heavily pulsating, rhythmic, and percussive songs as well as more abstract and textured, floating bodies of work, Roopkund can be seen as an assortment of real life horror stories mostly revolving around unsolved and oftentimes unexplained murders and so called serial killer incidents, bound together with a constant sense of intense dread and emphatic walls of sound. The cover art photography created by Helin is meant to convey the same kind of awe and uneasiness that the music produces, being a visual counterpart and a companion to the album. Besides the main artwork, he composed a plethora of expanding and deepening imagery to go with it, that’ll be further elaborated on the upcoming physical releases, across all formats.

“The central idea for Sulphur Nurse was conceived more or less overnight between myself and Dan, as we had discussed about the possibility of working together for a while, and soon decided to develop a new band instead of trying to stitch together somekind of a puzzle from our existing projects, and discovered we were all the better for it. We laid down some simple groundwork, general thoughts about the music and aesthetic, and realised we were on the same page with pretty much everything. The main composition process for Roopkund was completed within days, as a vast part of it was founded around noise textures and even improvisation, with the majority of the percussive elements either following the same scheme or being generated later on. I mapped out the stories and wrote them for each song, after which we proceeded with the vocal recordings, that took a longer while mainly due to experimenting with different tones and ideas, from both natural and FX-oriented angles. We spoke about perhaps having some spoken word parts here and there, and Dan suggested reaching out to Matt, due to him being experienced on that particular field. I was blown away by the examples I heard, and swiftly after Matt agreed to lend his voice for the band, we knew that he should be permanently integrated into it. That’s how we came to be, and more or less represents our grand scheme going forward.” – Eeli Helin

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