Suffering Quota – Life in Disgust

TAR104 SUFFERING QUOTA – Life In Disgust

Dutch nefarious noisemakers SUFFERING QUOTA are releasing their sophomore album titled “Life In Disgust” through Loner Cult Records, Dawnbreed Records, Mono Canibal Records and 7Degrees Records on vinyl and on cassette through Tartarus Records. In 2020 Grindestroy released a CD version.

The release contains an expansion on their blistering grindcore sound, seeking influences beyond and creating a rattling, crushing force that will not only go beyond the beaten path, but deconstruct it all the way through.

SUFFERING QUOTA is a grindcore band from Groningen, The Netherlands, mixing elements of crust and death metal into their sound. Through a few line-up changes on bass and vocals the band is back with a more eclectic sound, yet they managed to remain a solid live act through the years.

With this new lineup they released a split with My Minds Mine in 2017 and are ready to drop their next effort, the sophomore album “Life in Disgust” and crush stages everywhere.

There will be no warning, there will only be damage.

Edition of 100 cassettes housed in a deluxe embossed box, including silkscreened patch, printed by Joblin.

500 copies of vinyl pressed:
100 Black
200 Blue
200 Turqouise

500 CD’s in digipack.

Cassette comes with a download code.


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Weight 50 g

Blue vinyl, Turquoise vinyl, Cassette, CD