Willie Darktrousers

"the thing is we've been doing this since forever and never have I once thought about holding back and shifting gears or turning around to see what the sounds behind me actually meant as if that could ever shift anything as if that would signify a change no I mean we knew what we were doing for the most part I'd say that the journey was which was leading us not the destination per se there will always be time and space and opportunity to focus on that let's focus on speed now on movement on eyes never closed why would you choose not to see not to feel not to be I'll never turn into my father eat your fruits eat your vegetables and then eat shit for the rest of your life really I mean fifty years stapled to a desk and then when you see the horizon coming up you fall down and get embraced by the darkness fuck no let me embrace the light let me embrace you let me take you somewhere I think I remember it was around the corner here somewhere" -Johan van Hattum

Imagine Michael Gira and Kanye West had a Frisian lovechild, who wrote a '96 era black metal album. Put this in a blender with a kilo of rotting fruit and a roll of barbed wire and that's how Willie Darktrouser & The Splinters' debut Glibberburen would sound.

On this album you'll hear the result of ecperimenting with a cocktail drumkit, the most primitive guitar tunning, autotune and a lot of overdrive and fuzz.

Loud, Dark and Strange!