ULTHA is a five-piece Black Metal band from Cologne / Germany. The band started in early 2014 after the demise of band members’ old bands such as PLANKS, GOLDUST, ATKA, IRA, etc. The band set out to derive their own hybrid of Scandinavian and US-Black Metal, (FUNERAL) Doom and Dark Wave Melodies. If you can imagine LEVIATHAN and EMPEROR teaming up with NEUROSIS to play songs by Fields Of The Nephilim you get ULTHA.

The band’s songs are mostly longer than 10 minutes and range from super fast blastbeats to slow and sludgier eruptions. With their captivating, melodic songs as well as their intense live shows they made a lot of supporters in a short range of time, giving them the chance to play with bigger European and international acts as well as selected festivals. Their first record ‘Pain Cleanses Every Doubt’ saw a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics alike.