The Flesh

THE FLESH will present “Vehicle of Ruin” live on the 7th of March supporting Disfear in the Drachten, The Netherlands.

If ever there was a point in history that demanded angry, scathing, blackened music then this is it. The world of 2020 is more than ready for the blistering arrival of Dutch purveyors of doomed psychosis THE FLESH.

The classic "we really gotta start this new band" talks at shows seldom lead to much, but in the case of THE FLESH, members from Herder, Verwoed and Blood Diamond actually joined forces after a night of heavy drinking. Their mission was to create songs in praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion.

The first rehearsals started mid 2017 and the band subsequently self-recorded their first EP early 2018 with guitarist Sven Post as producer. "Dweller" was tracked live and is made up of seven songs which blend hardcore, crust and blackened metal into a fierce aural attack. Lyrically the work dwells on to the destructive drives of lust, disgust and (self)annihiliation.

The fitting artwork depicting the metaphorical dweller slowly rotting away was created by Mattias Frisk, well-known for his artwork for Vanhelgd, Trap Them and Ghost amongst others.

After finishing mixing and mastering of "Dweller", THE FLESH started playing their first shows including a performance at the 2018 Netherlands Deathfest, Pitfest 2019 and support slots for Anaal Nathrakh and Coffins.
The band plan on playing select shows in support of their sophomore EP “Vehicle of Ruin” and have already started the writing process for a full length album.

Sven Post - guitars
Jelle Kunst - vocals
Jeroen Vrielink - bass/vocals
Tom Nickolson - drums