Piggy Black Cross

Drawing on their experience in a variety of genres including IDM, post industrial, jazz, hardcore punk, ethereal wave and popular music, Bridget Bellavia and Toby Driver have created a body of work that defies classification. Driver, a prolific avant-garde composer takes the reigns with a densely electronic compositional work. Bellavia, a vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist tells tales of the human condition, authoritarian machination and lyrical horror such as with the tale of the haunted glove in Psygh Øn Raindom ÆllÆy. Bellavia draws from literature, film and art to create vocal melodies and lyrics as well as visuals for live shows. From astral projection to supernatural manipulation, Driver draws on countless caliginous forces to fashion unpredictable and somber arrangements. Piggy Black Cross is a tumultuous yet harmonious project that will stir the inmost affection.