Hailing from UK sludge ground zero, Nottingham. Moloch are a staple virtue of underground music in the UK. Consistently visceral, scathing, lamenting, and with no unnecessary pomp to their approach, the 4-piece carry an egoless ethic which has endeared them to crowds on both sides of the Atlantic. They drag forth a deluge of feedback, slowed single note negativity, punishing drum smashes, harrowing vocal snarls and general bad vibes across a plethora of releases, encompassing splits with a selection of some of the nastiest sounding bands from about the globe.

Having travelled around the US on more than one occasion with good friends Thou, Moloch have a reputation for a raw, undiluted, precise, heavy filth attack, executed with a hardcore punk sensibility. This is something that has carried forth to uncountable shows UK and Europe wide over their decade of existence, and which cements them as a band who have done more for the D.I.Y. heavy circuit on this isle than most could understand. Ever uncompromising and brandishing an arsenal of strategically caustic venom, Moloch will tear your head clean off, it’s that simple.

"Snarling and viscous sludge manglers MOLOCH further drive home the abject misery that can be conjured up from residing on this isle. Heroes of the DIY underground Moloch offer no forgiveness or mercy for the failings of humankind. Their sound is a spite drenched, low-end pounding assault a la early EHG with a sprinkling of Rorschach, smelted together in an inferno of Dystopia-esque raw disdain. The feedback will be reverberating frantically around your destroyed mind by the end of their no nonsense set." - Desertfest 2018 [Photo by Craig Mulcahy]