Maltash is a Lebanese musician currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Stuck between constant love and detachment from the world, his music comes out as a harsh yet emotionally twisted reaction to modern day society. His connection to a relentless country like Lebanon has influenced him in every sense, as he cries and screams to interlaced shredding and weeping guitars, oozing from an industrial backdrop.

The project first started from a need to uphold purity of expression in music, far away from any agenda or expectation, guided only by the principle of “Break Every Boundary, Empower the Disheartened”. This inevitably results in a synthesis of genres from across the dark and dystopian spectrum, which promises to constantly

Recorded at a time when it felt like the world was about to witness an apocalypse. Obviously not a literal one, but it felt like something was about to change drastically, and the dismay on a societal level was not helping. Sabotage Yourself is thus a natural expression of dissatisfaction with the current way of the world and the egocentric nature of our current society… a natural pitch-black reaction to our surroundings.

This manifests itself in a dystopian sound resulting from a feeling of urgency, an anti-genre/anti-agenda approach influenced by industrial, doom and punk, with lyrical themes  covering violence, injustice, distance, vulnerability, and empathy, wrapped in a veil of nihilism.