Writing a good and honest pop song is an art form only few truly ever grasp. LGHTNNG do just that, and make it seem effortless, exactly how all great pop is meant to sound. The young trio's first EP Nights Change Days (2015) sounds undeniably retro, but futuristic in equal measure. Elegant synth pop songs, with a gloomy, nostalgic atmosphere. As if you've traveled in a time machine made of synthesisers from the '80s to 2016.

"Hailing from Groningen in the Netherlands, LGHTNNG have quickly established themselves within the retro community with one of the strongest debut's I've heard this year. So often in our wonderful scene, it takes artists an EP or two to really figure out in which direction they're heading in and the sound is often developed and crafted over a number of years. What's rad about 'Nights change days' is that it revels in its own self awareness and confidence, whilst the songs come together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle." -NewRetroWave [pHOTO BY Xanne Wijkamp]