It Only Gets Worse

Thank you for coming.

Throughout his life, he was loved by few, and cherished by even less. That does not mean he had no worth, indeed, it only added value to his glints. His gaze has often stopped us in our tracks, making us consider the act in which we were caught. He held up a mirror, of sorts, in which the edges were reflected more than the image. The cracks were tendrils, shoots, messages to be deciphered.

He bequeaths you only this, his most solemn proof of existence:

"this is not what I meant, not at all."

I trust you know what he means.

Thank you for coming.

IOGW is Matt Finney (of 'Heinali and Matt Finney' fame) and Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues). Matt does vocals and writes lyrics and Maurice does the music.