There’s something brooding in the depths. Stirring in itself, primal, overwhelming. It drags you down, wears you out and spits you back to the surface.

GGU:LL is a four-piece doom band from Tilburg, The Netherlands, that goes out of their way to make intense, heavy music. The current line-up was formed in 2009 and has since been searching for the essence of the compositions that come to them. In this search many creations have been made, only to be destroyed later. GGU:LL, as a creative force, is always sculpting and molding to get to the (nihilistic) core of their inspiration. The band uses this abyssal experience as a foundation to create their music. Resulting in layers of riffs that are very basic, yet eloquent. They add plots and nuances to the great narratives, told by the drums and bass. GGU:LL acts very much on instinct, using distinct guitar sounds with simplicity and functionality. Experiencing GGU:LL live is a trip in the mind, it’s a means to step out of reality and to descend deeper and deeper into the music.

On "Dwaling” you will find riffs, transitions and tones that are crafted to evoke the right atmosphere. The six tracks take you from noise to dissonance, combined with clear riffs and distorted and destroyed passages. “Join us in our pursuit to sing, dance and praise the abyss.”