Galg is a group of happy individuals who are wholly content with modern life. Galg is the result of everything that depresses us.

"Do you have a heart?" The silence lasted for an eternity, or so it seemed to me. "Look at this," said the coroner, and he dangled the deceased baby in front of its mother's face. "Then you know no compassion?" "How dare you speak about compassion!' she snapped. "You scourge people, bring them to the gallows and hold them captive, and then you talk to me about compassion?" I was not sure if I could lift my head. It was easy to talk about God, for succour, but then what? "Law and God go hand in hand here, as you know." "And your Jesus, your Saints, they never raised their hands? They have not slaughtered the infidel, they have not tormented the believer?" My heart missed a beat. His eyes were wide, triumphant. "Ah, you are a heathen, you dare to speak for the Saviour!" Her eyes sparkled, her grin almost diabolical. "The judgment has been cast? Then here is my Saviour!" Her arms grabbed his throat before I could act, and while her nails pierced the throat she kissed his mouth. [photo by T./Tess P.]