Eigen Risico

Known for putting on riotous performances with cohorts Jesper Vos and Eirik Jahnsen. Eigen Risico 2, recorded over a long stretch of time by Héctor Garcia Martin, represents a marked shift towards capturing the destructive essence of these shows. A collection of eleven vignette-like tracks, the distinctly hallucinogenic lo-fi veneer that has become a hallmark of hache’s work has taken a corrosive turn. Bombastic 808’s tumble on tracks such as Xq Recordar Si Internet Es Pa Siempre whilst cacophonous swaths of feedback and tape recordings of drums provide a thrilling counterpoint.

These more aggressive turns are juxtaposed by more tender and at times psychedelic outings, such as the space freak out on Feliz E Ignorante (featuring Vos) and the mournful instrumentation on Portados. The tracks are combined into a collage like whole in which the idea of genre is thrown out the window and samples, skits and references (such as on the track Tetsuo de Chunga) create a unique universe of sound showcasing who hache is and how he sees the world.