Hailing from the southern Lowlands, Bitcho is out to make the universe trip on their hypnotic, droning and monotonous grooves. Piling up low, distorted frequencies, analog soundscapes, subsonic drums and intoxicated vocals.

Debut double-album 'Toybox' (2009) sold out 200 copies in no time. In 2013 Bitcho lets itself drown deeper into the ooze to unleash a new chapter of inertness with the release of a split 12" with French occult doomers Huata. The split was released on Music Fear Satan Records on March 22nd 2013.

On August 5th 2014 'Toybox' was re-released on cassette, on Tartarus Records.

"Bitcho is definately one of the most repetitive bands from the Northern hemisphere".