Axioma is a Cleveland, Ohio based band melding elements of post, death & dark atmospheric metal. Formed by guitarist Cyril Blandino (Ex-Morgue[France], Forged in Flame), bassist/vocalist Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul, Brain Tentacles), drummer Jon Vinson (Forged in Flame, Jesus Egg) & guitarist Justin Meyers (Aureae Crucis). The band released its debut album “Opia", a dark unorthodox mixture of Neurosis, Morbid Angel & Gorguts style arrangements with bleak lyrical context and artwork. Challenging the accepted formats for heavy music Axioma carves a dismal yet progressive path through the soundscape. They offer a vile amalgam of dark genre-bending metal on their full-length album "Crown". Building upon complex twisting passages and a precise yet primal rhythm section AXIOMA creates an ominous soundtrack for this decaying world. Join or suffer eternally. [Photo by The Agora]