ABSTRACTER move away from their origins and experiment even more with drone, dark ambient, noise, black, and death metal, while also vastly enhancing their primordial pool of influences centered around Corrupted’s slow-moving crushing doom nihilism, Amebix’s apocalyptic end-times crust, and Godflesh’s cold and dissonant crush-depth. At the core of the earth-shaking sonic annihilation of the album lies however an even vaster and intelligible plethora of influences ranging from Blut Aus Nord, Dystopia, Swans, Disembowelment, to Skullflower, Winter, Khanate, and Celtic Frost, coerced to erect an obsidian black wall of monstrous sound that levitates out of solid darkness crushing and devouring everything in its path. Cinereus Incarnate is a catastrophic listen that unifies every concept of sonic oppression imaginable, conjuring the same antihuman and wretched overtones as seen in bands like Dragged Into Sunlight, Indian, Primitive Man, Krypts, Coffinworm, and Triptykon. [Photo by Lauren F]