All Are To Return

Two-man formation All Are To Return merge hauntingly raw vocals with violent synth-percussion and powerful bass riffs. Born from enforced isolation, the duo’s first EP presents industrial-doom carrying an experimental edge – measured brutality with an urgent sense of dread.

A solitary raging in the dark – All Are To Return’s debut EP is raw in mood and execution. The sound combines harsh alienating vocals, with aggressive analogue synths and gritty resonant guitar. With this first outing All Are To Return explore doom through an integration of machine-music. In this, tension is both theme and structuring principle. This is expressed in the shape of the songs – with a certain cinematic quality – and echoed through the song-titles. One might say the EP is haunted by the specter of societal disintegration. There are echoes of bleak political philosophies – life naked to the brutality of a state in fear.